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Why should you remove bird nests?

One issue with having a stove is that birds can make their way down your chimney, sometimes thinking it a good place to build their home; to ensure you do not harm the birds it is important to carefully remove the nest, which requires a professional touch.

When birds build their nest inside your chimney it is important to sort the issue as quickly as possible, because the longer the birds are inside the chimney the more likely they will have laid eggs, which will create extra risks; if the birds have already laid eggs or have chicks it may be necessary to ask a bird rescue organisation to provide them a new home.

After we have provided our East Devon bird nest removal service, you should consider taking preventative measures to ensure that birds do not nest in your chimney in the future, so to ensure that you do not require a bird nest removal. Often birds will return to their old nest if they are not prevented, so it is important to stop them from doing so by installing a bird guard.

Meeting legal requirements

On some occasions the bird nest cannot be removed without contacting wildlife authorities, this is mainly due to the nest being home to a rare bird. If we find this is the case we shall contact the correct authorities to inform them and we will work together to help find the best solution for both you and the birds. In addition to our bird nest removal, East Devon, we also can offer a chimney sweep service to clean any mess left behind by the birds, as well as removing soot from your chimney.

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