Chimney Repair East Devon
Chimney Repair in East Devon

Maintaining your safety

It is important for us to have your safety as our primary concern when fixing a chimney, as if repaired to a poor quality it can cause various health hazards, including Carbon Monoxide being leaked into your home; therefore it is extremely important when looking to complete a chimney repair, East Devon, that you find a professional.

We at Soot & Sweep have been providing stove and chimney services for over two decades now, so we know how to ensure you are kept safe. We are members of the Solid Fuel Association, meaning our business is proven to be competent when offering domestic heating services, including our East Devon chimney repairs, so giving you peace of mind. We have proven ourselves time and time again giving us various customers who return for repeat business.

Professional Service

Our professional team offer incredible stove and chimney repairs with years of experience, so they'll get to the heart of the problem both quickly and efficiently. They will help make sure that your chimney has minimal chance of releasing harmful gases into your home as well as minimising emissions into the environment. In addition they will help reduce the dangers of chimney fires if they occur as well as helping to minimise the chance of chimney fires happening. We can provide you with CCTV camera inspections of your chimney to quickly discover what the problem is.

Operating from Ottery Saint Mary means Soot and Sweep are in a prime location to offer chimney repair in East Devon, as well as be able to offer their various other services to the area, including bird nest removals and a chimney sweep service.

Chimney Repair East Devon
East Devon Chimney Repair
Chimney Repair East Devon Chimney Sweep Chimney Repair East Devon Members of the Solid Fuel Association Chimney Repairs East Devon Chimney Repair East Devon East Devon Chimney Repair Established for 25 years
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